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Grow your business with decentralized storage

Whether you want to provide storage, sell more customer-driven solutions, or deliver value-driving services, the DeStor partner program can help. Start reaching more customers and accelerate your business with DeStor.

A growing partner ecosystem that’s powering
the future of data management

Empowering independent data storage providers

The decentralized storage movement is powered by independent storage and service providers. From large scale data centers to local entrepreneurs with storage systems that cover the last mile.

While the traditional cloud storage market continues to become more consolidated and monopolistic, decentralized storage presents a new, innovative path to growth.

As a decentralized storage or service provider you will: 

  • Help to build a more open, resilient, and trustworthy internet
  • Protect and preserve humanities most important data
  • Develop new capabilities
  • Protect data while protecting the planet
  • Join a vibrant community focused on growing your business

Estimate your returns

Get guidance on a storage provider profitability with the Filecoin Storage Provider forecast calculator.

Being a DeStor Partner has its privileges

Expand your customer reach and grow your business with technical, marketing, and educational resources.

A@2x-1 Provider portal for resources & lead passing  
B@2x-1 Solutions architect support  
C@2x Demand generation resources  
D@2x Access to private betas  
E@2x Participate in provider accelerators and events  
F@2x Connect, ideate and collaborate with fellow partners  
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Start reaching more customers and accelerate your business with decentralized storage.