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Safeguard Your Business with Easy-to-Use, Enterprise-Grade Decentralized Storage.

Big data storage that comes with a small price tag

Data powers your most important work. Cost should not be a barrier to storing more of it. DeStor provides verifiable, resilient, cost-effective cloud storage that traditional providers can’t match. Discover how our cutting-edge decentralized storage solutions can help your business thrive.

DeStor protects their most important data

1837+ Clients Served
2.2M Terabytes Stored
3300+ Storage Provider Systems

What our clients are saying

“DeStor is making a huge impact on the way we store our research data. It provides a unique service that not only allows data from our key research projects to be stored in perpetuity, it also ensures data integrity through the use of unique content identifiers.”
Todd Ryman
Todd RymanIT Director at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
“DeStor saved me a couple of years and countless dollars on developing my startup. It instantly positioned me 18-24 months into the future.”
Nick Smith Hauska
Nick SmithFounder

Explore DeStor's Drag & Drop, S3 Cloud, and enterprise-grade solutions

DeStor now offers a suite of innovative storage solutions designed to meet the unique needs of modern organizations. Whether you're looking for the simplicity of drag-and-drop functionality, the seamless integration of S3-compatible cloud storage, or the robust security of enterprise-grade decentralized storage, DeStor has the perfect solution for you. 

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Featuring DataDrop by Decentrally — Hot verified storage on Filecoin that scales as you grow.

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