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DeStor Videos


Visual learners rejoice – gain insights, inspiration and foundational knowledge about decentralized storage on your terms.

DeStor isn’t your dad's Dropbox

DeStor Co-Founder and CEO, Jen King, shares insights about building awareness and adoption for the decentralized storage market.

Making the case for decentralized storage

Infrastructure research lead Ashish Nadkarni presents key findings from the IDC's report on decentralized storage and Filecoin.

Decentralized cloud storage for academia

Decentralized cloud storage solutions like Filecoin can reduce data storage expenses, freeing up university budgets to more substantially invest in furthering their academic mission.

Revolutionizing science with decentralized technology

DeSci Labs co-founder Philipp Koellinger describes the many problems that currently hinder science and scientific research. Fixing these issues can make scientific data more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Preserving humanities collective memory

Jonathan Dotan shares how decentralized technology is advancing human rights. The Starling Lab is innovating to meet the technical and ethical challenges of establishing trust in our most sensitive digital records.

Connect with an expert

Speak with a decentralized storage expert to solve your data challenges.