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Kenton LangstrothJul 9, 20242 min read Launches Decentralized Storage Marketplace, Welcomes Intuizi as First S3 Cloud Solution Client Launches Decentralized Storage Marketplace, Welcomes Intuizi as First S3 Cloud Solution Client

Brussels, July 9, 2024 — DeStor proudly announces the launch of, a cutting-edge decentralized storage marketplace featuring innovative solutions such as DataDrop by Decentrally. The platform aims to revolutionize data storage by leveraging blockchain technology to provide secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

In conjunction with the launch, DeStor has signed its first joint S3 Cloud Solution client, Intuizi, utilizing the DataDrop S3 Cloud. Intuizi, a leader in high-performance geospatial computing, will leverage DeStor's decentralized storage to enhance their data management capabilities.

"By partnering with DeStor, Intuizi is venturing into the world of decentralized storage to significantly reduce the storage cost of high-performance geospatial computing. Leveraging petabyte-scale anonymous data sets, we can infer device movement patterns, understand their associations, and derive actionable insights and cohorts for advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. The promising results we've achieved so far have us buzzing with excitement and eagerly looking forward to the next phase of our exploration," said Ron Donaire, CEO of Intuizi, Inc.

Mara McMahon, Co-Founder & CSO of DeStor, expressed her excitement about the launch: "The debut of marks a significant milestone in our mission to integrate Web3 technologies with enterprise needs. We are thrilled to welcome Intuizi as our first S3 Cloud Solution client and look forward to pioneering efforts that will set new standards in data storage security and efficiency."

Angelo Schalley, CEO of Decentrally, commented on the collaboration: "Partnering with DeStor to launch DataDrop on their platform is a testament to our shared vision of transforming data storage. Our combined expertise and innovative approach will provide users with a robust, secure, and easy-to-use storage solution that meets the demands of modern enterprises."


About DeStor

DeStor is a leader in decentralized storage solutions, leveraging blockchain technology to provide secure, scalable, and verifiable storage services. Focused on integrating Web3 technologies with enterprise applications, DeStor connects data owners with Filecoin storage providers through a robust and transparent marketplace. Emphasizing integrity, clarity, and expertise, DeStor is at the forefront of transforming data storage for the modern age. Explore DeStor's solutions and join the decentralized storage revolution at [] (

About Decentrally

Decentrally specializes in decentralized storage solutions, providing advanced technology that ensures data security, integrity, and scalability. Their DataDrop and S3 Cloud platform integrates seamlessly with enterprise applications, offering a user-friendly interface for robust storage needs.

About Intuizi

Intuizi, Inc. was founded in 2019 by experienced marketing and technology professionals to build an easy-to-use subscription software solution and High-Performance Compute Network that could be used to improve media campaigns, could improve an enterprise's understanding of its customers and potential customers, and significantly improve the financial returns on customer acquisition and lifetime value.