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Filecoin and VCCRI

Case Study: Filecoin x VCCRI

World-class heart research protected by the world's largest decentralized storage network.


Where Particle Physics and Data Storage Collide

Filecoin powers discovery for leading researchers.


Data Storage That’s Otherworldly

Filecoin works with the SETI Institute to safeguard extraterrestrial data.


Protect Your Most Important Data

Cover your data resiliency bases with Filecoin archival storage.

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Decentralized Storage Webinar


Technology experts discuss the future of data management.

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The Cloud Storage Revolution Will Be Decentralized

Leave rising costs, service outages and vendor lock-in behind.

Big data storage that comes with a small price tag

Data powers your most important work. Cost should not be a barrier to storing more of it. 

Filecoin provides verifiable, resilient, cost-effective cloud storage that traditional providers can’t match.

Highly Scalable

Designed for future data growth, Filecoin provides pebibyte-grade cloud storage that’s built to scale. 

Always On

Filecoin provides beyond eight-nines of uptime to ensure your backup data is accessible whenever you need it.

Cost Effective

Filecoin storage solutions cost less than most cloud providers and on-premises tape infrastructure.

Preservation Focused

Filecoin combines geo-redundant backup storage with daily verification and native immutability to maximize data protection.

Filecoin protects their most important data

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