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Introducing DeStor REST API for Filecoin

Propelling data onto Filecoin via a simple API

What is DeStor REST API for Filecoin?

The DeStor REST API for Filecoin (DRA) is open source software that provides a simple API for storing data to and retrieving data from Filecoin.

  • Free: The DeStor REST API is offered under the permissive Apache-2.0 and MIT licenses enabling royalty-free commercialization and modifications.
  • Simple: Store, retrieve, and track data on Filecoin with just a few simple APIs. No need to understand Filecoin specifics like data preparation, indexing, and deal-making.
  • Flexible: Control where your data is stored with custom configurations and receive cryptographic, verifiable  proof of every copy.

Who should use the DeStor REST API for Filecoin?

  • Independent Software Vendors: Solution providers in life sciences, geospatial analysis, web3, and more have stored over 1.5 exabytes of data on Filecoin.
  • Managed Storage Service Providers: Archive and backup storage providers can now add Filecoin as a storage tier without worrying about Filecoin-specific mechanics like data-packing and deal-making.
  • Large Enterprises & Institutions: Enterprises and institutions with large data storage needs can now easily store data directly on Filecoin to save time and money.



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