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Data Protection with DeStor
Jennifer King(Sep 21, 2023)1 min read

Ransomware Statistics: Protect Your Clients with Verifiable Storage

Ransomware Statistics: Protect Your Clients with Decentralized Storage

In the realm of data security, the ransomware threat is a relentless adversary that MSPs and data center owners must confront head-on. The year 2023 has witnessed a significant surge in ransomware attacks, with reported incidents soaring by a staggering 62%. The financial toll, inclusive of ransom payments, remediation costs, and productivity loss during recovery, is projected to exceed $20 billion for businesses worldwide.

Yet, the true cost of a ransomware attack extends far beyond the demanded ransom. Consider factors such as business interruption, data recovery, legal expenses, reputational damage, and potential regulatory fines. These elements culminate in an average projected cost of over $4 million per data breach resulting from a ransomware attack in 2023.

As an MSP or data center owner, you bear a profound responsibility to safeguard your clients from these pernicious threats. High-profile ransomware cases like the Verizon Security Breach underscore the urgency of bolstering your cybersecurity measures.

Enter DeStor

By becoming a Filecoin storage provider, you can offer your clients a robust and secure data storage option that significantly mitigates the risk of ransomware attacks.

Filecoin's architecture is built upon the principles of decentralization, a formidable defense against ransomware. Data is distributed across a network of nodes, rendering unauthorized access and data manipulation exceedingly challenging for cybercriminals. With Filecoin, you're removing the single point of failure inherent in centralized storage, reducing the attack surface, and enhancing data protection through advanced encryption and data redundancy measures.

By adopting Filecoin as a storage solution, you not only protect your clients' vital data assets but also position your MSP or data center as a proactive defender against ransomware threats. Your clients will benefit from enhanced data security and resilience, knowing that their critical information is safeguarded against the rising tide of ransomware.

In this era of evolving ransomware tactics, it's imperative to stay ahead of attackers. Educate your clients, bolster your security protocols, and embrace innovative technologies like Filecoin to fortify your cybersecurity defenses. By offering Filecoin as a storage option, you can take a significant step toward protecting your clients and your business from the pervasive ransomware menace.

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