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The future of data storage is decentralized

For most of today’s organizations, public cloud storage technology has become a mainstream part of information technology (IT) infrastructure. While organizations appreciate many of the aspects of the “public cloud experience,” they have noted a number of challenges with it. These challenges include security, availability, unexpectedly high costs around data mobility, cloud provider lock-in, and compliance and regulatory obstacle

Organizations are realizing that for certain data-intensive workloads, decentralized storage is more reliable, more available, more secure, more flexible and less expensive than traditional public cloud storage.

In this report, you will learn:

  • What decentralized storage is
  • How it compares to traditional public cloud storage providers 
  • Technical details about the decentralized storage process
  • Decentralized storage benefits 
  • How organizations are utilizing decentralized storage

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Making the case for decentralized storage

Ashish Nadkarni presents key findings from the IDC's report on decentralized storage and Filecoin.

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