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World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers
Jennifer KingSep 28, 20233 min read

World Economic Forum Names Seal Storage Technology a 2023 Technology Pioneer

Seal joins the ranks of former Pioneers Twitter, Airbnb and Google.


TORONTO, June 21, 2023 - Seal Storage Technology, a leading provider of decentralized cloud storage, announces its selection as one of the 100 most-promising "Technology Pioneers'' at the forefront of addressing critical issues such as sustainability, climate change, science and healthcare. Seal takes immense pride in being selected as one of the pioneers in this domain.

The World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneers are early-stage companies that lead in adopting new technologies and driving innovation, with the potential to have a significant impact on both the business landscape and society as a whole. Seal continues to revolutionize the digital landscape with innovative and sustainable decentralized cloud storage solutions, propelling the digital transformation forward and contributing to a more sustainable, resilient, and secure future.

Seal is poised to make meaningful contributions to the future of business and society through immutable, affordable and sustainable data storage. Seal utilizes data centers powered by renewable energy and operates on top of DeStor's sustainable open-source technology to minimize its environmental impact. In addition to sustainability, Seal's immutable and affordable platform enables scientific advancement and data democratization by offering zero egress fees to researchers allowing them to access their data around the globe. Immutability ensures that all data has a chain of custody and is tamper-evident, preventing cybersecurity and data integrity threats such as deepfakes and misinformation.

"We're excited to welcome Seal Storage Technology to our 2023 cohort of Technology Pioneers," said Verena Kuhn, Head of Innovator Communities at the World Economic Forum. "Seal and its fellow pioneers are at the forefront of innovation and disruption needed to help us solve the world's most pressing issues. We look forward to their contribution to the Forum's content work that brings together the public and private sectors to tackle these global issues."

Seal's CEO, Michael Horowitz, shared his thoughts on this achievement: "As a Technology Pioneer, we are thrilled to join forces with global leaders through the World Economic Forum. Seal's goals to increase data democratization and integrity to enable scientific advancements and combat misinformation align perfectly with the Forum's goal to tackle crucial industry and societal issues head-on. This invaluable platform enables us to forge connections with leading stakeholders from both the public and private sectors."

As a Technology Pioneer, Horowitz will be invited to engage with the World Economic Forum, working with global leaders to help address key industry and societal issues. Technology Pioneers will also be invited to join Forum events and discussions throughout the year, bringing together leading stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

This year's Technology Pioneer cohort includes startups from 31 economies, with a third led by a woman chief executive. China has the second-highest representation with 12 Technology Pioneers, behind the US with 29 companies.

About Seal Storage Technology
Seal Storage Technology is a decentralized cloud storage platform that provides immutable, affordable, and sustainable data storage. Seal serves universities, research institutes, and enterprises using the highest standards for data security and protection. All data centers are enterprise-grade and powered by renewable energy.  Twitter | LinkedIn

About the World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. (

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