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Jennifer KingOct 3, 20234 min read and Filecoin partner to reduce time to market for storage providers by 75%

With pre-defined hardware specifications designed specifically to run a Filecoin storage solution, storage providers can reduce time to market from 6-12 months to 6-8 weeks with

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 3, 2023 – To remove as many barriers as possible to joining the Filecoin decentralized storage ecosystem, and Filecoin have partnered to deliver data centers on demand.

The OPEX-only, modular data center solution is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to becoming a Filecoin storage provider.  Working in partnership with solutions architects at Protocol Labs, has pre-defined the hardware specifications necessary to run a Filecoin storage solution - both from a compute and storage perspective - meaning prospective storage providers can simply click a button to order the infrastructure needed to set up a storage provider business.  

“We know that when setting up a business, time to market is key. The current infrastructure solutions out there for storage providers take around 6-12 months to set up. That’s just too long. We wanted to work with Filecoin to create an alternative option that enables storage providers to get up and running much quicker,” said Web3 specialist James Purton. “With our data center on demand offering, we achieve what other providers do in 6-12 months in 6-8 weeks – from ordering the hardware to having your storage solution out in the market.” 

As well as faster hardware provisioning and time to market, the partnership also opens the door to more prospective storage providers by removing the need for significant upfront costs. As an OPEX-only model, no capital investment is required up front to get started. There’s no need to take out a loan or dip into investor funds. The solution is available on a monthly fee-basis and storage providers can get started from as little as $2,325 per month.

“The more people we can bring into the Filecoin ecosystem, the more competitive the storage market becomes. To do that, we need to reduce barriers to entry. The cost of infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers storage providers have been facing - until now with the launch of this new solution. There aren’t many people out there who have the resources, the space and everything necessary to buy loads of hardware and keep it sitting around until they need it,” said James. 

By renting hardware through, storage providers get access to enterprise Dell chassis, with next generation AMD CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. All hand-picked by Protocol Labs in battle-tested configurations based on best-practice from the Filecoin ecosystem. So, storage providers can be confident that the configurations work specifically for decentralized storage implementations and can be relied on.

“Our partnership with is predicated on increasing Filecoin Storage Provider profitability. The data center on demand solution significantly reduces hardware costs while accelerating speed-to-market” said Stefaan Vervaet, Head of Network Growth at Protocol Labs.

The solution is modular so it can scale to any size, no matter the budget. It also integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Filecoin ecosystem, including the Protocol Labs one-click Lotus deployment and sealing-as-a-service providers like Aligned to make the solution as lean, cost-effective and technically effective as possible. 


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Storage providers will work with a specialist at to ensure that the solution fits their specific needs. The same specialist will become their account manager and remain with them throughout their time as a customer. Storage providers will also benefit from access to’s 24/7 support. 

To find out more about pricing and specifications, contact James Purton from at: 

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